In a nutshell

Currently working as Associate Professor at the ETS Montreal. My current research interests focus on medical image analysis and deep learning techniques with special interest on learning with limited supervision (e.g., weak supervision, few-shot learning). Before that, I was post-doctoral researcher at the LIVIA department of the ETS in Montreal, under the supervision of Prof. Ismail Ben Ayed and Prof. Christian Desrosiers. My research as post-doc focused on bringing the power and strengths of deep learning to the problem of automatizing medical image segmentation. In addition to deep learning I explored some regularization techniques and optimization techniques to improve segmentation performance. Previously, I worked as research engineer at AQUILAB at the same time that I was enrolled as PhD student at the scientific unit INSERM Onco-Thai U1189 "Interventional Therapies Assisted by Image and Simulation". Working mostly on medical image analysis. Research interests include image segmentation, feature extraction, and machine and deep learning techniques.